YouTube Video For Sometimes You Gotta Fight Hits 10,000 Views

The YouTube Video for Sometimes You Gotta Fight by VANN passed 10,000 views today. More than 80% of videos on YouTube never make it to even 500 views, so we are feeling pretty good about getting to 10,000. We started this initiative in hospital room in tough times, so we are pleased that the song has reached so many people and brought good feelings to many. It is something good from something bad.

Of course our objective is to CURE Childhood Cancer, and that is why we recorded the song (With all proceeds, of course, going to CURE Childhood Cancer). Hopefully people will continue to share the song and be inspired to help with the cause.

Hitting the 10,000 view milestone also allows us the chance to again thank, Real to Reel Studios in Jonesboro Georgia, all the musicians who played on the track, VANN who produced a winner, and YOU for buying and sharing the song! Maybe we can make it to 20,000 views? That would be cool It would mean more people are aware of the challenges for families living with childhood cancer.


  1. Beautiful video of Courage Perseverance Goodness Hope Life Love. Always BELIEVE and NEver Give Up ! Hugs and LOVE. God Bless !

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