Worth Fighting For

Sometimes You Gotta Fight is part of an international, music-based charity movement. All proceeds from downloads of the song go directly to CURE Childhood Cancer, a national non-profit organization headquartered in Atlanta and working internationally through a network of affiliates to cure childhood cancer. This movement funds internationally shared research and is unrestricted by borders.

The song is a collaboration between Canadian/American Ryan Burton and Canadian songwriter/producer VANN. Burton’s 3-year old stepdaughter was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia in September of 2011. "My wife and I never saw it coming," recalls Burton. "The only signs were bruises that seemed normal for an outgoing little girl. Life changed in a heartbeat. We spent the six months in a hospital living every parent’s nightmare."

"Your first reaction is to shut the world out and focus on your family," reflects Burton. "But a beautiful little girl is alive today because of all the research that existed before she got sick. Now that she is doing well, my wife and I felt like we had to pay it forward – even if it meant sharing a very private story."

"Throughout our ordeal, we were never alone," continues Burton. "The charity befriended us, the hospital staff was amazing and so many people stepped up. So I wanted to create more synergy by uniting a larger community."

Two decades ago, Ryan Burton was a full-time musician in Canada performing in popular Montreal rock band I.C. RED. Now a US citizen living in Georgia, he felt music could be the ideal messenger and reached out to his old band mate. The two reunited to write and record music together for the first time in 20 years. The result was Sometimes You Gotta Fight. Burton has also started SONGS CURE CANCER to inspire other bands and artists to get involved in the fight by recording songs and playing shows to raise funds for the cause.

"This movement is about doing a little bit for a big result," explains VANN. "We’re all busy and have limits on what we can do. But we’re only asking people to download a song for 99¢ and forward an email to friends so that they can do the same. That’s all it takes for you to save lives. Don’t wait until cancer comes into your life to start making a difference."

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