Tell Me Why You Cut Your Hair?

The origins of Sometimes You Gotta Fight…

On September 5th, 2011 when Callie was diagnosed with Leukemia, it was a surreal experience. Kathy and I were in a daze trying to understand what was really happening. You are still very firm footed in reality (as seconds earlier life was fine) but now you are trying to comprehend something that is unimaginable.

Within a short period of time (like 45 minutes) of diagnosis, Callie was admitted to the hospital. So we went from living a normal life, to moving into a hospital full time.

The inspiration for the song really started to happen in the walk from the emergency room, to Callie’s first hospital room. As we walked down the hallways navigating to the room we passed pictures on the walls of kids that have cancer. The walls were adorned with these beautiful little people. boardThey were professional shots, much like the ones we have had made of Callie. Aside from being in a haze with how shocking this all was, as I looked at the pictures I had the lyrics in my head from a song I wrote in 2003 called “Daddy’s Home” which starts “Baby tell me why you comb your hair? You’re so beautiful nobody would care.” The situation just made me think of that lyric. It has been changed to “cut” and VANN took out “baby” (he’s not a big “baby” guy) but the essence is still there. So, that really was the launching pad for this song. Me thinking of that lyric minutes after Callie was admitted. It came from a very real place. The song has taken many turns (to where it sits now) but this idea started in a very pure and real place.

Really, beauty is something deeper than a hairstyle. I profoundly learned that in this process. Heck I shaved my own head!

I plan to post the full lyrics before the song is released. Look for it in a future posting. We also plan to record videos of the sessions for a future video, and we will post some of those as we go.

One more thing. As we prepare to do this project, I should talk about my favorite uncle, who is a private person, so I won’t go too into details, but, he also has Leukemia. He is on the other end of the spectrum from Callie, in his 70′s, and not in remission. This song, and this project, is about so much more than our family. It is about a disease and helping raise awareness. I am certainly inspired to act based on my experiences living in a hospital with Callie for 6 months straight, but, this is also about so many more stories.

This song is also your song. A fight we all share together. God bless.

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