YouTube Video For Sometimes You Gotta Fight Hits 10,000 Views

VANN in Studio

The YouTube Video for Sometimes You Gotta Fight by VANN passed 10,000 views today. More than 80% of videos on YouTube never make it to even 500 views, so we are feeling pretty good about getting to … [Read more...]

John Biggs promotes Sometimes You Gotta Fight

biggs feature image

Ryan Burton on the John Biggs Show promoting Sometimes You Gotta Fight May 17th, 2012. Sometimes You Gotta Fight is part of an international, music-based charity movement. All proceeds from … [Read more...]

Fight Launches on Atlanta & CO


Here I am on Atlanta & Company on April 23rd, 2012 talking about the release of "Sometimes You Gotta Fight" by VANN. You have to know that I am nervous, as I don't mention the names of VANN and our … [Read more...]

Atlanta & Company Appearance – Release Date For Sometimes You Gotta Fight


The planned release date for "Sometimes You Gotta Fight" by VANN has been April 23rd, 2012. Due to some last minute mixes, we are moving that by a few days. It is our intention to have it out the … [Read more...]

Please Share “Sometimes You Gotta Fight”

Happy Easter! As we approach the release date for "Sometimes You Gotta Fight" I felt that we should remind you of the real success factor of this song. It's "sharing". With our original plan, it … [Read more...]

I.C. RED – VANN in the Gazette in 1993

I.C. RED Montreal Gazette 1993

(You will need to zoom in to read the article click on the newspaper story and it should let you click again to zoom). This is a snapshot of another time in VANN & Ryan Burton's life. “You will … [Read more...]

“Can’t Give” by Vann & Jeff Franzel


Check out this unreleased song by VANN called "Can't Give What I Don't Have". Recording for "Sometimes You Gotta Fight (Song for Callie)" is set to start at Real 2 Reel Studios in Jonesboro, Georgia … [Read more...]

Recording Begins April 2nd, 2012 for Sometimes You Gotta Fight

After many months of preparation, we are actually, finally going to record "Sometimes You Gotta Fight" for childhood cancer research. A tribute to Callie. 3 days after Callie was admitted to … [Read more...]

Vann The Man

Here is a quick BIO on VANN who is recording "Sometimes You Gotta Fight (Song for Callie)" for the SONGS CURE CANCER initiative. A side note, we played in I.C. RED together for 6 years, and shared … [Read more...]

Sometimes You Gotta Fight (Song for Callie)

I am pleased to announce that my old friend and former I.C. RED bandmate VANN (Rob van Blokland) will be recording the song Sometimes You Gotta Fight (Song for Callie) with all proceeds going to CURE … [Read more...]