Sometimes You Gotta Fight (Song for Callie)

I am pleased to announce that my old friend and former I.C. RED bandmate VANN (Rob van Blokland) will be recording the song Sometimes You Gotta Fight (Song for Callie) with all proceeds going to CURE Childhood Cancer. The song was written by VANN & and I, and it represents the first time we have worked together musically in almost 20 years. “Fight” is like a personal note to someone who is going thru a very difficult time (like Callie has gone thru with her fight with leukemia). It’s a very cool tune! We are expecting to release the song in April – May 2012. Montreal’s VANN will come down to Atlanta to record the song here at the wonderful Real 2 Reel Studio’s in Jonesboro, GA (the amazing people that are donating studio time to help us make this song a reality). VANN will also produce the single. I am hopeful he lets me reprise my role as his bass player (on the song) but I am sure I will have to attend an open audition for the chance (I am kidding of course, but it is VANN’s show in the studio, he is a pro). We will release the song to all digital download retailers and will have CD’s available by order for those who don’t like to digitally download.

This release supports the initiative that I have started called SONGS CURE CANCER. It is our hope that artists all over the world follow our lead and donate their talents to curing cancer.

On a side note, VANN and I are reopening the vaults on the unnamed I.C. RED album we recorded in 1993 but never released. It is our intention to revisit the tapes and make the songs available for digital download. We may even put some work into them and finish some unfinished parts.

VANN released an album on Aquarius/EMI in 2001 called “Ripping Into Bliss” featuring the radio hit Cherish Your Youth. I know VANN is talking about making this album available for download in the very near future. VANN also had a hit in Belgium with an artist named Sara called “Breathing Room”. He wrote, produced, and performed the song (he was even in the video).

We’re having lots of fun with music again, and it’s in the name of a good cause, curing cancer.

Please share this idea with your friends and encourage your musician friends to record a song and donate proceeds to a caner charity. Let me know if I can help. God bless, Ryan

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