Sometimes You Gotta Fight Recording – Day 1

Good morning!!! Well, I was up early today. Last night I feel asleep on the couch at what had to be something in the 8 o’clock neighborhood. A busy day of work with VANN, and a few drinks at a local mexican restaurant put this old man to sleep early. Well before mommy, VANN, Callie, & Sienna.

Yesterday was very productive. We worked on the song and really got the week mapped out in our minds. Callie spent the weekend with her dad, so she came home last evening and finally met VANN (whose real name is Bob, in case you were unaware). The meeting between the two was beautiful.featureright We told Callie that VANN was coming and he would be staying with us. VANN brought her some presents and Callie immediately loved him. He sat with her for a while and read a book to her. Callie was very happy.

We start our session today at 10am, look for pictures & videos on this site, on Songs Cure Cancer Facebook & on VANN Music Facebook. We realize we are not Bon Jovi, and this is not the follow up to “Slippery When Wet” (I love my example) but we think you will be very happy with the end result (and love the song).

VANN and I are really focused on raising money for cancer research and bringing comfort to other families who have gone through what my family went through. Also, we really don’t want anyone to ever have to experience what we went through with Callie, so a cure would be the best course of action. So let’s fight!

More to follow throughout the day. This week is all about recording a great song, getting everyone on board, and having some fun in a great studio (Real to Reel in Jonesboro, GA).



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