Sometimes You Gotta Fight Inspires Now Where Were We

Sometimes You Gotta Fight continues to inspire. After 1000+ downloads and nearly 14,000 views on YouTube it’s a song that’s heart was in the right place, and it’s message hit the spot. The best part of the story is that Callie is doing great. She is a true fighter and hero. She is in remission and continues to live an inspiring life.

Over a year later Vann and I continue to speak and work on different projects.377 It was truly a gift to be reunited with my old mates and have music projects planned. Presently we are working on mixing and releasing our unreleased I.C. RED music from 1993. Vann and I recorded an I.C. RED album years ago that we did not release, so now, with the assistance of technology, we are able to get it done. We are even working towards having a new song on the release. The album and song will be called “Now Where Were We?”.

So even as we move away from “Sometimes You Gotta Fight” there is more music life with “Now Were Were We?”.

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