Fight Interview on ROCK 94

Brad Hilgers from Rock 94 talks to me about the Sometimes You Gotta Fight project. Sometimes You Gotta Fight is part of a global music-based charity movement started by Ryan Burton. All proceeds from downloads of the song go directly into research to find a cure for childhood cancer. ANYTHING YOU DO WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE. Just do it.

This project is PURE. There is no record company involved. No conflicting interests. No hidden agendas. callie vannJust good people contributing skills and resources in their immediate wheelhouse towards a global cause. And more awesome people like you who download the song to change lives. Pound for pound, we’re an unstoppable force. And yes, you can talk about this fight club.

Two decades ago, Ryan Burton was a full-time musician in Canada performing in popular Montreal rock band I.C. RED. Now a US citizen living in Georgia, he felt music could be the ideal messenger and reached out to his old band mate. The two reunited to write and record music together for the first time in 20 years. The result was Sometimes You Gotta Fight. Burton has also started SONGS CURE CANCER to inspire other bands and artists to get involved in the fight by recording songs and playing shows to raise funds for the cause.

VANN’s Sometimes You Gotta Fight is an upbeat, radio-ready “anthem of encouragement” for anyone going through a dark time. Written by VANN and Ryan Burton, the song was produced in Real2Reel Studios in Jonesboro, Georgia by VANN and features Georgia musicians, Burton on bass and VANN vocals and guitars for a distinct “north meets south” sound.

Sometimes You Gotta Fight by VANN on iTunes

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