Recording Complete

I wanted to do a quick blog update to let you know that recording of “Sometimes You Gotta Fight” for CURE Childhood Cancer is complete. What a week it was. There were many people that helped and we certainly need to thank everyone for their efforts. First off, Real 2 Reel Studios in Jonesboro, GA. Owners Bill Turpin & Steve Rawls are angels on earth. From the first moment I told them about this project, they offered to help and donated all of their time and talents. Amazing. I will be forever grateful. Also, VANN. He and I performed together years ago, and he certainly does not owe me anything. But like an old friend or brother, he stepped up to help. He produced and performed a world class track that I think you will really enjoy when it is released on April 23rd, 2012.VANN & Ryan Burton Right now I am drained, VANN is drained, our engineer Will McPhaul is drained…we are taking a break after working 70 hours in 4 days to get this done. But what we completed is very cool.

Look for a video on YouTube. We will also be looking for radio support and you to share the link to the song. Anything you can do in these areas is appreciated. Please give us some feedback and ask questions about what we are doing. 100% of all proceeds go to CURE Childhood Cancer, so you can feel good about downloading the song.

Thanks to CBS Atlanta for the news coverage today, amazing job! And look for our story again on their 11pm news tonight.

That’s all for now. I need to visit Sienna, Kathy, & Callie. We have not spoken much this week. Also, VANN leaves tomorrow. I should take him for a sweet tea or some grits!

Lots of love. Ryan & The Burtons

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