Recording Begins April 2nd, 2012 for Sometimes You Gotta Fight

After many months of preparation, we are actually, finally going to record “Sometimes You Gotta Fight” for childhood cancer research. A tribute to Callie.

3 days after Callie was admitted to Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta in early September 2011 I knew I wanted to do something for the cause, and I knew it was going to be something musical. Now, finally, it is coming to fruition.

Now that Callie is home, and we are home, and our lives are back to normal, it would be easy to forget what we went through. It would also be easy to forget what millions of kids around the world go through everyday. The tremendous hardship that is living with Leukemia, cancer. That’s why we are finally coming around to do this project. I think about all those difficult weeks spent living in real life hell, sleeping on a hard couch (and my wife with 2 kids in a single bed). We can’t forget that. We need to find a cure, and we need to keep trying, spreading the message, and working together to make life with Leukemia easier for everyone. What Callie, our 3 year old, endured was horrifying. And she will never be “out of the woods”. This is after all, cancer. Every time I look at her, I melt seeing what an angel she is, what a sweet little life she has. And I think about the nightmare she went through and pray for her, that she never has to live that again. Please god don’t ever make her have to go through that again.

So as we finally get to recording a song for CURE (CURE Childhood Cancer) I am reminded about what this is really all about.

It will be amazing when it is done. The collection of people that have put themselves into this project is a great talent pool. Lead by Real 2 Reel Studios in Jonesboro, GA & Montreal, Canada recording Artist VANN. Between the studio and my old band partner, this song will make you proud. Hopefully it gives comfort to all the Callie’s of the world. For them to know that they are not alone, and for them to know that someone else can relate. Hopefully it will sell a million copies and make BIG money for a great charity. Whatever the case, it will be well worth it. (Know that we will be counting on Social Media, and “sharing” to carry most of the weight of the promotion. So YOU can make a difference).

We do however have a great publicist and many friends, so I am sure that energy will propel this project to new heights.

The plane tickets are booked. The studio is confirmed. The drummer and engineer have signed on. Even the bass player is ready (that’s me). “Sometimes You Gotta Fight” for Callie Cheer (by VANN & Ryan Burton) is set to be recorded and released. Recording starts April 2nd, 2012 and we hope to have it released mid April. I know it’s only 1 song. Millions of them are released every week, month, year. But I could never write enough words to explain what has gone into this one. The conversations from hospital rooms while Callie was sleeping late at night. The little bright light that gave us something to smile about at a time of pain, it mean a lot. It’s a special song.

We hope you enjoy it. We will document the journey in video, and make a video for the song from the footage. (We are actually hoping to make the video about the kids, and will look to get footage of many Callie’s to show how sweet they are). Anyway, there will be video footage. We will take you inside as much as possible.

Thanks for praying with us, and it is our hope that this song starts something. Cuz sometimes you gotta fight.

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