The start of the journey to record “Callie’s Song”

It was roughly 1992, or maybe 1993, when I last stepped foot in a big time recording studio to “officially” work on a project. It was at Frank Marino’s now defunct Starbase Studio’s in Montreal. What a great place. Ok. It’s not like I am Van Halen or Pink Floyd or something. But music meant something big in my world. From when I was 11 years old in Winnipeg. MB, playing guitar with my friends, I dreamed of making records and touring the world. Of course, things change, but you never lose that love for the craft, and I am really trying to understand what has kept me out of a professional recording studio for so long? (maybe because I have had a job and no band…but I digress).

On Tuesday I visited Real 2 Reel Studios in Jonesboro, GA. It was a very special day. I met with owners Steve Rawls and Bill Turpin. I called over to Steve on Monday to set the appointment (and see if he would talk to me about helping with my project). Obviously he did, and we ended up having a great meeting. I played a song for them that I intended to record, and they were very positive about it. But further confirming their amazing character and concern for my project, they started to give feedback. It was amazing, they had great ideas, and even took a deeper dive into the project. We left our 2 hour conversation with a game plan for recording and some ideas on how we could better the song. As a sidebar, my old band partner Bob van Blokland has been quietly working with me in the background on this song. We have talked about making this an I.C. RED song, but we are not sure. But it is great to be working again with one of the best songwriters I have ever heard. He has come up with some really cool ideas!

Initially the plan was to record a song I had written called “Daddy’s Coming Home” (which I received help from Jay Semko of The Northern Pikes fame) but it looks like the song will be a dramatic overhaul of my original version, really a new song. But time will still tell how it all works out.

I am excited about working in Real 2 Reel, it has some cool history. Ed Roland of Collective Soul was the house engineer at Real 2 Reel for 8 years, before it all happened for them. I really like Collective Soul. Not to mention Bill Turpin, co owner, is the father of Collective Soul bass player Will Turpin. There is history there, and I will post about it as we go…

Discovering this particular studio was a funny happenstance as well…No Parachute (the “Concert For Callie” champs) recorded their album there, and Caled Elemam of No Parachute told me about it. Then when Matt Russom of The Show Business Sound and Lighting (the gentleman who played with me at the “Concert For Callie”) told me they were old friends, it seemed the studio was a great fit. Anyway, not to labor it, I am vey excited.

So I have spent the past few days reviewing the lyrics and working on ideas. Bob is sending me some of his ideas and we will get the best song before we head in. Everyone is committed to recording a radio ready tune that kicks, and we all know how to do it.

I will blog throughout the process and let you know how it’s going. Hopefully you love the song and purchase it for cancer research (for CURE Childhood Cancer).

I have been a little under the whether the past few days, but I am sipping some merlot right now. The heck with it. I feel good.

Remember, social media works when we share. So please share this page and tell the world that “Songs Cure Cancer”.

God bless you, my family, and especially, Callie. Ryan

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