Sometimes You Gotta Fight in the Gazette

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Original Montreal Gazette Story About Sometimes You Gotta Fight Featuring Ryan Burton Ex-Montrealer records song to save stepdaughter, raise cash to help cure childhood cancer By Richard … [Read more...]

Smyrna Patch Article For Callie’s Song


By Sydney Busby: Ryan Burton wrote "Sometimes You Gotta Fight" in honor of his stepdaughter and her battle with cancer. All the song's proceeds benefit CURE Childhood Cancer. Ryan Burton Smyrna … [Read more...]

Heartfelt Thanks To VANN

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Things have been moving so quickly, and we have been so busy, I feel I have missed something in the "Sometimes You Gotta Fight" project. Thanking our amazing co-writer, artist, & producer VANN! As … [Read more...]

Fight Launches on Atlanta & CO


Here I am on Atlanta & Company on April 23rd, 2012 talking about the release of "Sometimes You Gotta Fight" by VANN. You have to know that I am nervous, as I don't mention the names of VANN and our … [Read more...]

Atlanta & Company Appearance – Release Date For Sometimes You Gotta Fight


The planned release date for "Sometimes You Gotta Fight" by VANN has been April 23rd, 2012. Due to some last minute mixes, we are moving that by a few days. It is our intention to have it out the … [Read more...]

Please Share “Sometimes You Gotta Fight”

Happy Easter! As we approach the release date for "Sometimes You Gotta Fight" I felt that we should remind you of the real success factor of this song. It's "sharing". With our original plan, it … [Read more...]

Sometimes You Gotta Fight


Here is a great story about "Sometimes You Gotta Fight" on CBS Atlanta. Transcript from video: Song recorded to raise money for Cure Childhood Cancer The step-father of a young girl in … [Read more...]

Recording Complete

I wanted to do a quick blog update to let you know that recording of "Sometimes You Gotta Fight" for CURE Childhood Cancer is complete. What a week it was. There were many people that helped and we … [Read more...]

Sometimes You Gotta Fight Recording – Day 1

Good morning!!! Well, I was up early today. Last night I feel asleep on the couch at what had to be something in the 8 o'clock neighborhood. A busy day of work with VANN, and a few drinks at a local … [Read more...]

What is leukemia exactly?

All the talk lately on Songs Cure Cancer has been about our song "Sometimes You Gotta Fight". And that definately is something we are excited about, but, I have not been focusing much attention on … [Read more...]