Heartfelt Thanks To VANN

Things have been moving so quickly, and we have been so busy, I feel I have missed something in the “Sometimes You Gotta Fight” project. Thanking our amazing co-writer, artist, & producer VANN!

As we have navigated through this very special project I feel, at times, I have taken for granted what VANN has delivered. He has been amazing. He basically left his family for a week and came to Georgia and lived with my family to make this a reality. He worked tirelessly on the song in Montreal to make sure it was ready, and came prepared to record a hit. And he did.

To fully articulate how much he has delivered in each area, I will break it down:

Sure, I co-wrote the song. But me working with VANN is like me working with Jon Bon Jovi. He will ultimately make me or anyone look very good, he is a pro. VANN is world class, and he is an amazing writer. He is as good as Bon Jovi, or anyone on the planet. So, sure I contributed, but VANN made it amazing.IMG_0338

As an artist he is spectacular. We needed an artist for this project, and VANN is a great artist. He sings, plays guitar, and is a great spokesperson for the project. We needed an artist, and we could not have found a better one.

The production piece is the most critical, and VANN is an extraordinary producer. If you are unfamiliar with music production, basically, the producer tells everyone performing on the track, what to play. I played the bass guitar, but VANN instructed me on what to play, basically every note. As a great producer, he took my input and used my ideas, but he had final say on everything that went into the track, and he did a great job there.

So I wanted to give a quick “shout out” to the most talented person on this project, and basically, the most important. We would have nothing if we did not have VANN. Sure there could have been other avenues taken, but we could not have found anyone better.

I may not thank him enough, and that is because I can take him for granted. We played in a band for years, and when you are close to someone you can forget how awesome they are. VANN and I have talked daily through this project, and sometimes by proximity you can forget how talented and important a person is…but that’s not ok.

I will use this blog post as a reminder as to how great VANN has been on this project. I can’t wait for you to hear what a great job he did.

Thanks VANN! I will never forget what you have done for Callie, CURE Childhood Cancer, and me. Above all you are a great person. I will also try to mention this more often. But I know you will tell me “it’s nothing”…because that’s what amazing people do. (I will stop now because I know you will be uncomfortable if I go on…actually you may make me take this down!!!!! I won’t).

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