Sometimes You Gotta Fight

Here is a great story about “Sometimes You Gotta Fight” on CBS Atlanta.

Transcript from video:

Song recorded to raise money for Cure Childhood Cancer

The step-father of a young girl in remission from cancer drew from his family’s experience and found a creative way to raise money to cure childhood cancer. He wrote a song called Sometimes You Gotta Fight.

Ryan Burton is a former musician, so it was only fitting that he write a song as a way to raise awareness.

“I just felt that I wanted to do something. It kind of started as an idea,” Burton said.

What started as an idea turned into musical magic.

The lyrics say, “Turn off the tears and the lights, everything will be alright you and me. There’s nothing we can’t beat. Hold on to hope and your dreams. We’ve got a shot that’s all we need to make it right, sometimes you’ve got to fight.”

Burton’s step-daughter, Callie Cheer, is in remission from Leukemia. She went through several rounds of chemo and called the hospital home for six months.

“It’s just overwhelming to watch her go through it. I love her more than I can say,” Burton said.

Callie’s courage and strength encouraged Burton to make a difference. He called old bandmate and current Canadian singer VANN. The two collaborated at Real to Reel studios in Jonesboro to highlight the struggle of childhood cancer and provide hope with the song.

“I’d say it’s an anthem of encouragement for anyone going through the darkest of times. Those times when it’s hard when it hurts and it’s way more than you deserve but sometimes you’ve just got to fight your way back into the light and really believe that better days will come again,” VANN said.

The lyrics are personal, and so is the charity that will benefit from the passion project – Atlanta-based Cure Childhood Cancer.

“From very early on they were there for us and befriended us,” Burton said.

The team listened to the completed track with a picture of Callie in front of them. Now they say it’s up to others to make this idea a success.

“If everybody does just a little bit we can accomplish a whole lot. In this case it’s download a song for a dollar,” VANN said.

Everyone involved in the project donated their time and talents. The song will be released on iTunes April 23. All of the money raised will go to Cure Childhood Cancer.

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