Atlanta & Company Appearance – Release Date For Sometimes You Gotta Fight

The planned release date for “Sometimes You Gotta Fight” by VANN has been April 23rd, 2012. Due to some last minute mixes, we are moving that by a few days. It is our intention to have it out the week of the 23rd, more like the 26th or 27th. Hopefully this does not diminish your desire to help and purchase the song. With VANN being back in Montreal, it created some mixing challenges that I have had to address.

Also, on Monday, I will be appearing on the show Atlanta & Company on NBC Atlanta (11 Alive) and it is on at 11am. STYGFI of course will provide a link to the show once it is available online. I have not done many TV interviews in my life, so I hope I do a great job. The show did send advance info and a preparation email, that I am sure will be helpful. But I am excited and mostly happy to be able to promote the song (who’s proceeds go to CURE Childhood Cancer) and also I will be appearing with CURE Executive Director Kristin Connor, so I am happy to be on TV with my friend and partner in this charity effort.

Again, this past week has been about mixing, remixing, and mastering. Getting the song ready for primetime. It is important to me that we do our collective best, so that this song has it’s best chances of success. It is such a special song (being for cancer research and all) that I really would like it to do all that it can do.

Thanks for continuing to follow our journey on this, we are almost there with the release, and please share it with friends and ask them to buy it. Let’s help find a cure for cancer.

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